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Anna Cavill’s passion for unprecedented client service coupled with an extensive knowledge of the real estate industry have helped her build a reputation as an invaluable ally when closing a deal. She possesses an exceptional eye for spotting all the little details that are easy to miss yet critically important when making the decision to purchase a property, and she also has a strong ability at clear communication and fair, yet aggressive negotiation. Her standard of excellence has led to a growing list of satisfied clients and she remains fiercely focused on completing honest, fair deals for all parties involved.

Workly closely with David Walker, Anna represents one of the finest real estate agencies on the Upper North Shore, and greatly enjoys the opportunity to make sure clients are well aware of the amazing places, people and opportunities in the community. In short, has always kept her mission simple: help clients and friends make the journey of buying or selling a home as enjoyable as possible. Anna also has a great strength in keeping clients focused, and is more than comfortable consulting on any question that helps the buyer make the best investment in their new home.

Anna has found that her vocation in real estate has been her way of making a positive, lasting difference in people’s lives, and is her way of helping to build up the community she loves so dearly. As a lifelong native of the Upper North Shore, Anna is very knowledgeable of the local market. Whether clients are seeking their first property or simply looking to downsize after the kids have moved out, Anna can help, and there are few things she enjoys more than conducting thorough research and giving clients a look at the inside track of where the best properties are.

When you work with Anna, you’re not just getting the typical real estate agent experience. You’re getting intimate, expert-level service from an agent who knows every detail about what makes a property great in or around the Upper North Shore. You’re also getting the confidence of knowing you have someone on your side seeking the best deal for you and your family.

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